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Juan Manuel Correa Is Recovering After A Successful Surgery

After having surgery in the wake of the dreadful accident, Correa was transferred to a London hospital and placed in an induced coma to allow his respiratory system to heal. Almost two weeks later he was brought back to consciousness and faced with a tough choice about his seriously injured right leg – partial amputation, or reconstructive surgery. Correa chose the latter and underwent the procedure on Sunday, which lasted for 17 hours.

During the critical recovery phase he remained under close observation ad on Thursday night, the doctors were satisfied that it had all gone to plan, saying in a statement:

“The days following the surgery were stressful as though deemed a success in the operating room, the next 48-72 hours were critical in the final outcome of the Flap Surgery procedure.

“Now, Thursday, and more than 72 hours later, doctors are confident in a successful procedure while still under careful observation.

“During the procedure, doctors were forced to remove more bone material than they anticipated and solve several blood vessel issues, but state that the main objective of the surgery was achieved.

For the first time since the accident, Correa has also released his own public statement:

“This past few weeks have been extremely tough, tougher than anything I have ever faced both physically and mentally.

“I understand my future regarding the recovery of my legs, specifically my right leg is still quite uncertain, and that my physical rehab will be extremely long and complicated. I am still processing everything that has, and is, happening.

“I want to thank every single person who one way or a another has shown me their support. I am humbled by the immense number of caring and affectionate messages I have received. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart, and know that your encouragement and positivity have made a difference.”

He’ll remain in the same London hospital for another six weeks before being able to leave, and has another minor surgery scheduled for in a couple of weeks. Then begins the long recovery period, with doctors predicting at least a year of rehabilitation before he can regain full use of his right foot and ankle.

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