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Juri Vips Has Been Suspended By Red Bull Over Racial Slur

Red Bull Racing have suspended junior driver Juri Vips as they investigate an incident where he appeared to make a racial slur during a live stream.

Vips was playing Call of Duty with other players including fellow Red Bull junior team driver Liam Lawson while it was being streamed on Twitch.

Red Bull issued a statement:

The Estonian driver put out an apology on his personal Instagram:

It’s currently unknown on the status of his F2 drive with Hitech GP.

27 thoughts on “Juri Vips Has Been Suspended By Red Bull Over Racial Slur

  • This reminds me of what happened with Kyle Larson in 2020. Except, unlike NASCAR, there’s no second chances. Looks like it’s off to DTM with you.

    • Benjamin Haube says:

      Why should he not have a second chance? Everyone deserves a second chance, and the opportunity to learn from their mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes. Including yourself. What if you never had an opportunity to learn from yours and have another chance? If we create a society where nobody is allowed to make a mistake and have an opportunity to learn from it and earn a second chance, then we are all doomed to failure.

      While what he said is abhorrent and should not be tolerated, it’s not like he went out and murdered someone in cold blood. People who belong to this cancel culture and decide to ruin the lives of everyone who has ever said or done something bad with no opportunity to learn and move on are ruining society.

      • Steve Cunningham says:

        He’ll get a second chance most likely but the damage is done, his chances of making it to F1 was miniscule even before this happened, he’s had a rough year.

    • Benjamin Haube says:

      What did he say? I saw another article from BBC saying he used a homophobic slur too. As a gay man, I can’t stand people are still using homophobic language. Same goes for racist language.

      • He said “Bitch axx Ni__A”.
        Not one black person was in the room, and it’s a line used by us black folks to speak about a coward. He might have just spent too much time around black folks. As a black guy I say it’s a non issue for me.

        • Benjamin Haube says:

          As a white guy I would never think of saying that. I really enjoy hip-hop and rap, and I hear it all the time. I understand the historical meaning of that word when said by a white person, and I respect that it can have a different meaning depending on who is saying it.

    • B-Dog The Man says:

      So, he said the same word millions of low IQ rap fans and thugs in inner-cities say, every day, without any kind of punishment or ruination of their lives or careers?

      • How do you compare “low IQ rap fans” as you so cleverly determined them as, to a professional F1 driver, earning millions of dollars and working with sponsors? How are you going to punish individual people, in their homes, who are clever enough to not go on Twitch and spit Kanye bars? – cancel their Spotify subscriptions?

        Also, if you can’t understand why it’s acceptable for a certain race to use the word and not others, then you need a proper history lesson my friend. Yeesh

        BTW, I do believe he should be given another chance, but your comparison is some straight up nonsense.

        • Andrew Watson says:

          I’d class him more as an F2 driver not earning millions.

          They tend to be young and putting their foot in it all the thee. Even golfers do it .

          • Your profile picture makes you look even dumber for saying that. Context and historical facts matters.

        • SwissTrainPhotos says:

          Some of these Low IQ Rappers also have sponsors like Playstation etc.
          They say swearwords and insults/slurs every single day in every single video. and a driver throws it around in a rage and thats then not allowed? Bad example then

          • You call them low IQ rappers but the fact that they are more successful than you and know that they can get away with saying N-Word says a lot about your IQ in relation to their IQ.

        • InvaderOfUranus says:

          He has a point. Black American rappers make themselves multi-millionaires by producing trash music consisting of the soft verion of the N-word as they market it across the world. The social justice activists and fragile companies couldnt care less about young kids around the globe growing up on that garbage, but when an Estonian kid repeats the soft N-word that he has internalized from listening that rubbish American export, they become outraged and blame the kid, not the source of the problem.

        • You call them “low IQ” but here you being like “Me not get it… why me can’t use N-word but black people can?”

          Are you sure you’re not the one with low IQ? Think slowly about it.

  • Henrique Cabral says:

    what word was it? the N? the F?
    maybe America and the rest of the western world could stop producing culture with the N word, then complaining when someone without the appropriate color uses it. double standards. sure it has a vile historical meaning.. but thats on anglo saxonic aka north american territories. why shouldn’t I be able to use it? I hear it on practically EVERY SINGLE hip hop / rap song.

    • SwissTrainPhotos says:

      i think if it was a slur it be N, i dont think the english example of cigarette isnt that bad of a word. the N word is defenately a no go.

      Tbh i dont want any race or colour people to say that word. its really really unfair and its a trend sadly. Then a streamer or driver says it becouse he hears it from his idol and thinks its normal.

      But tbh i never listen rap/hiphop becouse its a trash genre becouse it has soo much slurs swearwords and other junk in it what doesnt belong in “music”

      Fully your opinion though

  • SwissTrainPhotos says:

    Its his own failure, even if you’d be play trainsimulator you have to watch your tongue.
    Fully agree with Redbull their decision. You know you have a big audience watching and still you go and slur around, sure swearing is fine everyone does that. but slurs are just a absolute no go. and that comes from a streamer like me. Sure i swear with everything possible becouse i truely dont give a crap about it. dont have viewers. but if i would i mind my language and think twice before saying something bad that could insult people.

  • When I first heard about it, I was like that fool was having like 1 minute brainfreeze talking rubbish to some black person. Then I saw the video….

    WTF, what a bend society we live right now! When one stupid word said in anger playing stupid video game can cost you your career and whole life. What a hypocrisy and how fucked up world by SJW…

    Okay, he was stupid, but what are you all saying? That he is racist or something? Is this now on same level as raping someone? Are you retarded?

  • Christian Sørensen says:

    I think this whole incident is worth comparing to the Pewdiepie bridge clip. Things get heated during online PvP gaming sessions, and when the emotions boil over, one instinctively reaches for the worst, most evil words known.

    This may not justify it, but understanding the origin of a problem is the first step to solving it.

    I may be naive, but i hope for the sake of both Yuri and RBR, that this issue gets resolved now. Anger management is a big step for an F1 driver, and honestly, it’s ultimately a good thing that this behaviour got observed now, rather than it happening after a heated battle in a (potential) future F1 seat.

    He’s a kid, not a certified racist. He will live, and he will learn. If he doesn’t, and actions like this happen again, then he is not fit to be a public figure in the F1 world.

    • Benjamin Haube says:

      I agree. He fucked up, and he needs to face the consequences, learn from his actions, and move on. There’s no reason he shouldn’t be given a second chance.

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