Brakes are a wonderful thing, aren’t they? This incredible video proves that in two cases – firstly, it shows if you don’t use them, you crash, and secondly, the brakes can help you steer clear of trouble.

This video filmed from a helmet camera captures a man driving a go-kart onto a circuit and entering the first corner.

But out of nowhere, a fellow karter flies up the inside of him and slams into the barrier with such force, they are ejected from the kart.

Whether the woman at the wheel of the crashed kart had brake troubles or simply got confused, we don’t know. But thankfully she managed to stand up on her own and seemed to be OK.

The karter filming when the crash took place was lucky to avoid not being taken out by the fellow racer, just tapping the brakes and steering away from the kart as it sped past him.

A pretty lucky escape in both cases!