Kevin Magnussen Looked Bored Out Of His Mind During The FIA Press Conference

Kevin Magnussen Looked Bored Out Of His Mind During The FIA Press Conference

Poor K-Mag was only asked a couple of questions, and a few of them were jokes, during the FIA press conference in Austria

When Haas driver Kevin Magnussen found out he was going to be in Thursday’s Austrian GP press conference with Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel, he immediately knew it was going to be a quiet one.

After the antics of the last race in Baku, where Vettel swiped Hamilton’s Mercedes, all eyes were on the two title rivals and the vast majority of the questions were directed to them.

It made the press conference that bit more juicy and interesting, but not for Magnussen. He looked so, so bored. We’re surprised he didn’t have a nap.

© Twitter/Haas
© Twitter/Haas

The picture above says it all really about Magnussen’s mood during the press conference.

This kind of thing isn’t all that exciting or fun for drivers to begin with, let alone when you’re only asked a few questions here and there.

If we’ve counted up correctly (there were so many questions during the 30 minutes or so), K-Mag was asked just six questions in total – and one of them was directed to all three drivers.

One of them was just for the lols, really, and he was also asked about his views on Vettel and Hamilton’s clash. “I have no idea” was his response.

Classic Kevin.

He was then asked who he thinks will be world champion from the drivers sat behind him. “I have no idea” was his reply, once again.

Not the most fun Magnussen’s probably ever had, but it’s just one of those things drivers have to put up with sometimes.