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It Doesn’t Get More Terrifying Than Facing The Wrong Way In An F1 Car

“I was having a s***!” The famous words for Kimi Raikkonen ahead of the 2006 Brazilian Grand Prix. Fast forward a decade and he was probably doing exactly that, having crashed heavily on the main straight  at Interlagos in this year’s race.

Raikkonen ended up facing the wrong way, and FOM cut to a terrifying onboard shot as the rest of the F1 field raced towards him in the spray. Not even the Iceman could have kept cool in that situation surely?

It took some lighting reactions from Manor’s Esteban Ocon who was driving close to the pitwall at the time and just managed to avoid the stranded Ferrari.

Exactly the same thing happened to Kimi’s Ferrari team-mate, Sebastian Vettel, early on in the race as he had his own brown trousers moment facing the wrong way down the straight.

Unsurprisingly the race was red flagged after Raikkonen’s crash and perhaps even more unsurprisingly, Sebastian Vettel was shouting angrily on the radio, replacing his regular calls of “Honestly! Blue Flag!” with “Honestly! Red Flag!”

Ah, wet races at Interlagos. They’re always bonkers, aren’t they?!

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