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Kimi Raikkonen Announces He’s Returning To Racing This Summer

The Iceman himself is returning to racing with PROJECT91 and will make his NASCAR Cup debut this summer! 

Since retiring from F1 last year, Raikkonen has kept quiet on what his motorsport future might hold. However, the Finnish driver has now confirmed that he will drive the No.91 Chevrolet Camaro in the road race at Watkins Glenn on August 21st.

Raikkonen becomes the first driver to join PROJECT91’s racing programme, which is designed to showcase the talent of racing drivers from all around the world.

Speaking on his return to motorsport, Raikkonen said, “I wasn’t looking to race again, but Justin Marks (Founder and Owner of PROJECT91) came to my home in Switzerland and convinced me how serious he was about putting together a top-notch programme.”

He added, “This will be fun, but it’s something I will take very seriously. I know how competitive the NASCAR Cup Series is, and it will be a big challenge.”

We’re excited to see how well the Flying Finn can do! 

10 thoughts on “Kimi Raikkonen Announces He’s Returning To Racing This Summer

  • nick schmitz says:

    He will kill it!!! F1 drivers are on a COMPLETELY different level than just NASCAR drivers!!! Only thing is that he will be super disappointed on how slow the NASCAR cars are compared to what he has been driving in F1!!!

    • They’re on a different level because it’s a different sport, friend. No use comparing apples to oranges.

    • Michael Perriello says:

      What a clueless comment. There is no chance any f1 driver goes over and gets to top of cup without a few years of a learning curve, and even then its probably not going to happen. Two entirely different forms of motorsport.

      • ghironda balorda says:

        Uninformed and biased. Is it an American thing? You clearly despise Finn drivers just because.

      • Nels Paulson says:

        on a superspeed way… probably, but on a non oval track like Watkins Glen? I am not saying he will win, but I would not be surprised with a top 10.

    • I’m not going to sit here and tell you you’re wrong, but this seems like a hilariously misinformed take. He won’t be disappointed because he already loved the two slower series. NASCAR drivers are likely some of the most versatile drivers in the world because they run five different disciplines including dirt, rain, and seven road courses. All the while fighting cars that only recently started being built for it. With that said, he will be in a top tier car that has already one two races this season, so let’s just get stoked to watch this as race fans!

  • Gamimg with Nath says:

    Not debut but still cool. He will just have to look out for the other drivers trying to (to put it lightly) make him not race.

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