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Kimi Raikkonen’s Crash Looks Even Scarier From This Fan’s View

It’s amazing that there were no multi-car incidents despite the weather, the poor visibility and the number of drivers that got caught out during the Brazilian Grand Prix.

But this video taken by a fan right next to where Raikkonen crashed showed just how close Esteban Ocon‘s Manor came to hitting the stricken Ferrari. The French rookie came on the radio afterwards saying he was “one millimetre close” to hitting Raikkonen, before adding that the spray had made the pit straight completely blind.

Although no-one hit Raikkonen directly, the luckless Nico Hulkenberg ran over debris from the incident and gave him a puncture, dropping him right down the field after running strongly in 4th place. Although he recovered to 7th, the chance of an elusive first podium was gone.

Another view of the crash is even closer to the track and you can hear the crowd go wild as Kimi climbs out of his beat-up Ferrari.

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