It’s perhaps fitting in that one of the most brutal decisions in F1 was delivered in the middle of one of the most brutal TV shows. I’m of course talking about Daniil Kvyat being axed from Red Bull Racing and demoted to Toro Rosso, following Max Verstappen’s promotion to the four-time world champions.

During the official press conference ahead of the Spanish Grand Prix (which harshly sat Kvyat and Verstappen next to each other) the Russian revealed that the news came as he was watching Game of Thrones.

“I was in Moscow, I was laying on the sofa,” said Kvyat when asked about how he’d been told the news. “I was watching a TV series and then the phone call comes. Dr Marko made the phone call, we finished the talk and a went back to bed to finish watching my TV series.”

When asked what series he was watching, Kvyat replied, “Game of Thrones,” which was greeted with laughter and applause in the press conference.

Wow, the poor guy. Not only did he find out that he’d been demote he also had to pause Game of Thrones. Screw that, I think I’d have just let the phone ring.