The 18-year-old took over driving duties for Williams on the second day of the Barcelona test but their programme for the morning session took a knock when he spun off at the high-speed turn 9. Winter testing isn’t broadcast anywhere so he’s massively unlucky that one fan managed to capture his mistake on camera. Doh!

It looks like he took a bit too much kerb on the exit, which unsettled the car and caused him to spin. The spin brought out the red flag but he was able to get back to the pit lane under his own power.

Luckily he didn’t hit anything, but bouncing across the gravel was enough to damage the front wing. With not enough spare parts for repairs, Williams were forced to end day two of testing early.

Although Stroll has done some testing in an older car in preparation for his first year in F1, this was his first chance to try a 2017 machine. No doubt there will be some people using this to criticise the youngster but it’s a fairly simple mistake to make. However The loss of one of his four days of testing will have a big hit on his preparation for the upcoming season.