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Lando Given Reprimand For His Pit Entry Drama At The End Of Russian GP

Just when you thought those last few laps couldn’t get worse for Lando Norris, he went and messed up his entry into the pit lane. With such a wet track surface and totally inappropriate tyre choice, Lando lost control of his McLaren and re-entered the track after committing to the pit lane.

It was a messy move but one that the Stewards only gave a reprimand for.

“The Stewards heard from the driver of Car 4 (Lando Norris) and team representative, reviewed the video, radio and telemetry evidence and determined that a breach of the regulations had been committed. This was not considered as force majeure because it does not comply with the definition of force majeure in Article 20 of the FIA International Sporting Code.

“However, the Stewards took into account that on the previous lap, the driver of Car 4 had passed through Turn 17 (adjacent to the Pit Entry) at a relatively high speed, without loss of control.

“During the ensuing lap, the conditions deteriorated rapidly and were varied in different parts of the circuit. The driver slowed considerably on entering the Pit Entry, with his speed approximately half of his normal pit entry speed, but still lost control and slid across the painted area between the Pit Entry and the track.

“Although obviously the driver chose to remain out on the track on hard compound slick tyres when others chose to change to Intermediates, and therefore sought to gain an advantage in retaining his race position, we do not consider that the crossing of the painted area was intentional or predictable in the circumstances.”

This is Lando’s first reprimand of the season. If a driver picks up three reprimands in a season, upon the imposition of the third, a ten-place grid penalty is given at that event.

Lando will keep his seventh-place finish but spoke about his disappointment of losing a maiden win earlier in the day.

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  • Seeing Hamilton take off after hitting the so called sausage kerb and the result when Verstapen did the same and landed on top of Hamilton isn’t it time to review removing this type of kerb it could have ruined a brilliant race

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