In terms of production quality, the Supercars All Stars Eseries has probably been the best of all of the virtual championships put on by real championships during this lockdown period.

Norris was one of the wildcard entries for this weeks round at Spa and after finishing third in the first race, things didn’t go quite so well for the McLaren driver in the second. After getting involved in an incident coming out of La Source on the second lap, Lando decided it’d be a good time to take his mandatory pit stop instead of having to drive an entire lap with a broken car. The problem was he’d already passed the pit entry, so he drove the wrong way down the track (only a short distance – the race used the endurance pits rather than the F1 pits) and tried to swing the car in.

Unfortunately, he only succeeded in punting out someone else (who’d had the same idea) before blocking the pit lane for several other drivers.

Oh dear. As amusing at it is, driving the wrong way to make a pit stop and spoiling the race for a few others is the sort of thing that might qualify as not taking the racing seriously – exactly the sort of activity he was on the receiving end of in the IndyCar event that caused so much controversy at the weekend. Hmmm…