Lando Norris Has A Pizza Helmet For Monza Because Lando – WTF1

Lando Norris Has A Pizza Helmet For Monza Because Lando

Just when thought Lando couldn’t get any more ridiculous, here we are. This is the McLaren driver’s helmet for the upcoming Italian Grand Prix and to make it truly Italian he’s made it a pizza. Of course he has.

Interestingly he’s gone for a half-and-half topping with Margherita one side and Pepperoni the other. Probably the two most boring pizza flavours but hey it could be worse right? We’re looking at you, Checo. Seriously though, wtf was that Checo Pizza?

(C) Lando Norris
(C) Lando Norris

Norris’s design comes after the FIA finally lifted the ban on helmet changes during the season, basically they caved to angry F1 fans who want to see racing drivers use the same design for their whole career because that’s what they did in the 90s.

Don’t get me wrong, we love the iconic designs of Ayrton Senna, Jean Alesi and Damon Hill but in this era where you can barely see the driver behind the halo anyway, why not let them express themselves and do something fun?

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