Lando Norris's British GP Helmet Was Designed By A Six-Year-Old And It's Adorable - WTF1

Lando Norris’s British GP Helmet Was Designed By A Six-Year-Old And It’s Adorable

Whenever a driver runs some sort of helmet design competition or uses a one-off design for a race, the result is usually some immaculate piece of art done by a professional graphic designer. The subject is usually some twist on an existing design themed to the specific race weekend, or a nod to some kind of landmark.

Lando has seen things differently.

He ran a contest to come up with a helmet design for his home race this weekend and has chosen a winner that’s arguably far more impactful than the usual result: that of six-year-old Eva. Just look at how amazing this is.

Not only does it stand out and look different, but just imagine what that’s going to mean to Eva – not just now, but when she grows up. Her drawing has actually been made into a helmet design for a Formula 1 driver. How cool is that!?

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