It took all around six seconds for this Formula Renault 2.0 race in Argentina to go very, very wrong, with a collision between the leaders.

Gaston Cabrera started on pole position but was challenged on the run down the main straight in Buenos Aires by Esteban Fernandez.

As Fernandez drew alongside, there was some slight movement across the track from Cabrera, which caused them to collide and clash.

Fernandez’s FR 2.0 car was pitched into a spin with damage, before spearing back across the circuit and being collected by Nicolas Carbon and Eugenio Provens.

Fortunately, more drivers reacted quickly to avoid the damaged car of Fernandez, facing the wrong way. One of the worst things to see at the start is a car sliding across circuit, out of control.

It was a pretty hefty multi-car crash for all involved, but all three seemed to be OK after the accident.