Leaked Shot Of Renault's Actual 2016 F1 Livery - WTF1

Leaked Shot Of Renault’s Actual 2016 F1 Livery

Ever since it was revealed that Renault’s all-black livery was only a pre-season testing livery, we’ve all been eager to see what the team would run in Melbourne. Well here it is and Hallelujah it’s yellow!

The image was leaked on Twitter (like everything these days) and while it appears to have been taken on some kind of potato it does confirm the matte-yellow colour scheme rumours were indeed true.


Why is it on a beach? Presumably for some kind of promo and with Jolyon Palmer sharing this recent image, it pretty much backs up the theory that this ‘leak’ is indeed legit.

Renault are set to properly reveal their new livery this week.

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