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Leclerc Reveals What Mattia Binotto Said To Him After Silverstone

Charles Leclerc missed out on another podium at Silverstone last weekend, with his teammate Carlos Sainz securing his first F1 win! However, some fans were quick to spot Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto waving a finger at Leclerc after the race.

So, what was that all about? Well, Charles explained the situation to F1.

“I have already said it, and I know that it can create doubt, but he was actually pissed off at me because I was too down, and so he was trying to cheer me up,” Leclerc stated.

“Everybody was wondering why he was putting the finger like this, but I think he was just frustrated to see me so down after such a great race.

“On the other hand, it’s obviously understandable, he understood my disappointment – leading the race and finishing fourth.”

Charles even let slip that Mattia had visited him at home in Monaco earlier this week too. He’d come to visit the championship contender because “the last five races have been quite hard” on him and that Charles just wanted to stay home and disconnect a bit from everything!

At least Charles has been able to clear that up 😂

7 thoughts on “Leclerc Reveals What Mattia Binotto Said To Him After Silverstone

  • BigBoi1431 says:

    I feel so bad for Leclerc. I really hope Ferrari don’t screw him so he can be back in the fight for the Championship.

  • I honestly think that if this continues to happen, Leclerc might be looking for a seat somewhere else IF one opens up at a higher team. (however I don’t think it’ll be anytime soon)

    • I get what you mean. If he wants to win the championship or less miss management. But what other teams are there right now. Aside from Ferrari being his blood since as a kid they are the one of the top teams right now. Its that or do a Danni Ric and keep leaving teams just as they succeed

  • Mattia seems like a nice guy and everything but Charles has just been getting hosed ever since the European leg started. Hopefully Ferrari can get their stuff sorted moving forward

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