Leclerc Was Seriously Unhappy With Magnussen's Driving in FP1 - WTF1

Leclerc Was Seriously Unhappy With Magnussen’s Driving in FP1

Another race weekend, another incident involving Magnussen. Towards the end of a lap in FP1 he blocked Charles Leclerc, preventing him from being able to properly charge his battery for a quick lap. Then, at the end of the pit straight he blocked him again, only this time more violently.

A furious Leclerc complained over team radio, saying:

“I recharged later because Magnussen needs to understand that he’s not alone on-track. Honestly… I mean, he’s on a slow lap and he stays on the line. Every time it’s him. Every time.”

Unsurprisingly, K-Mag has been called up to the stewards to explain why he’s driving so aggressively in a free practice session. The times and results don’t even really matter – just… why?!

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