Leclerc Was Seriously Unhappy With Magnussen's Driving in FP1

Kevin Magnussen has got up the back of yet another rival courtesy of some questionable driver during the first free practice session in Spain

Another race weekend, another incident involving Magnussen. Towards the end of a lap in FP1 he blocked Charles Leclerc, preventing him from being able to properly charge his battery for a quick lap. Then, at the end of the pit straight he blocked him again, only this time more violently.

A furious Leclerc complained over team radio, saying:

“I recharged later because Magnussen needs to understand that he’s not alone on-track. Honestly… I mean, he’s on a slow lap and he stays on the line. Every time it’s him. Every time.”

Unsurprisingly, K-Mag has been called up to the stewards to explain why he’s driving so aggressively in a free practice session. The times and results don’t even really matter - just… why?!