You can never have too many F1 Lego sets and this latest one is an accurate scale model of this year’s Ferrari SF16-H… one that hasn’t been “torpedoed” by Daniil Kvyat as Sebastian Vettel believes happened in China.

Posted by Noah on Lego Ideas, the 1:15 scale model comes with a removable engine cover, detailed exterior and a detailed engine bay. Neat.

DSC_8667 editDSC_8665 edit

From the project page:

This is my scale model of this year’s Ferrari F1 car. Like the real one, this SF16-H is an evolution of last year’s SF15-T.

Compared to last year’s car, I have tried to make the shape more accurate by increasing the wheelbase by one stud, moving the sidepods forward by one stud, and including a slight rake angle. This allows for a more “coke bottle” shape of the rear half of the car. There are many other small changes, so I have made interactive slider comparison images which can be viewed here.
DSC_8675 editFerrari

Now for the sad news, it’s not available to buy… yet. For that to happen the project needs 10,000 supports before Lego will consider making it as an official set.

If you want to see it become a thing (and why wouldn’t you?) you can cast a vote on the Lego Ideas website here.