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Lesson time: How to overtake at Monaco

With DRS and KERS available during this year’s Monaco Grand Prix we could possibly see more overtakes there than ever before. It’s rare to see someone go for a move in Monte Carlo as it often ends in failure but that doesn’t stop a certain people trying.

And so, without further ado I bring you the essential guide to the good and bad of Monaco overtaking.

Sainte Devote

The first turn has always been one of the best passing places at Monaco but with a start/finish straight that isn’t even straight, it’s always difficult to get alongside for a pass. Here’s Lewis Hamilton showing us how it should be done, as you can see, it’s pretty marginal.

Make sure you’re fully alongside the other car before attempting a pass. If you’re not, it could all go horribly wrong, as Nelson Piquet found out.

Top Tip: Try and get alongside the other car as early as possible.

Success rating: 6/10

Beau Rivage

Overtaking up the hill is never easy, mainly as it twists and turns. With KERS in action this year we could see more moves like this one from Kimi Raikkonen.

Here’s why you don’t see much overtaking up the hill. If you get it wrong it can lead to disastrous consequences.

Top Tip: Don’t go for it unless there’s a lot of room.

Success rating: 4/10


Another tricky place to pass. It’s difficult to get alongside another car due to the huge bump on straight. It’ll have to be a brave move to pass here, Rubens Barrichello shows us how to get it spot on.

Only go for it if there’s a big enough space. Patrick Tambay found out what happens if you try and stick it up the inside.

Top Tip: Don’t go for a ‘lunge.’ It won’t work.

Success rating: 5/10

Grand Hotel Hairpin

The slowest and tightest corner in Formula One sees barely any overtakes. The rare moment you get two cars wide, often leads to an accident. Olivier Panis shows how to get passed, all be it a little cheekily.

Gerhard Berger shows here how NOT to do it. If you get alongside make sure you don’t clip their back wheel, they’ll spin round, cost you time and still stay ahead.

Top Tip: If you’re going to push them off, do it properly.

Success rating: 4/10


The classic Monaco overtake. Stay close in the tunnel and when exiting pull alongside and outbreak them into Nouvelle. 60% of the time it works, every time. Nick Heidfeld shows us how to do it perfectly.

Passing inside the tunnel is a different story. It’s so dirty off the racing-line that it’s never going to work. Fernando Alonso found it out the hard way.

Top Tip: Make the move after the tunnel, not in it.

Success rating: 7/10


You never see overtaking moves here and you’re about to see why. F1 Veteran and Monaco winner, Jarno Trulli gave it a go last year and this is what happened.

Top Tip: No, just no.

Success rating: 0/10

Anthony Noghes

The final turn is another corner which has seen all but no overtaking. The straight is too short to get alongside before the corner, only rare circumstances sees an opportunity arise. This rare opportunity came in 2010 when Schumacher overtook Fernando Alonso which was later deemed illegal.

Top Tip: Save this one for video games.

Success rating: 0/10


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