A live race circuit is a dangerous place, so re-joining after an incident or off should be done in a safe and cautious manner. These drivers didn’t quite manage that…

When we’re learning how to drive, we’re taught to constantly look in our mirrors, signal when necessary and make the manoeuvre safely.

OK, so the vast majority of race cars don’t have indicators, but they still have mirrors and drivers should be trying to be as safe as possible.

Our reaction:
Our reaction

Because, if you crash your car or have an incident, you probably won’t win. Sadly, the drivers in this video weren’t at all cautious or observant when re-entering a live race circuit.

From a Nascar driver trying to turn around in a tricky spot, to a single-seater driver pulling out right in front of a rival, there are some good lessons in this compilation video on how not to re-join a track.