Lewis Hamilton Crashed Out Of Brazilian GP Qualifying On His First Flying Lap

The Mercedes driver binned it in the Ferradura curve and is out of qualifying

Lewis Hamilton has been pretty much flawless this year, but his Brazilian GP weekend has taken a turn for the worse after crashing his Mercedes just a few minutes into Q1.

Hamilton was on his first flying lap when the car broke away from him in the middle of the long right-hander at Ferradura, and he ended up slamming into the barriers and out of qualifying.

Hamilton was fine, but he’ll be starting the race from pretty much right at the back, much to the annoyance of Sebastian Vettel, who probably wished he’d made an error like that a couple of race ago when he still had a chance of the championship.

Still, seeing Lewis come through the field tomorrow should be pretty exciting. He has experience of it here too, having gone from 17th to third in 2009.