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Lewis Hamilton Has Given Mercedes A Performance Deadline

After 7 races of the 2022 season, it seems Lewis Hamilton is sick and tired of not winning. So, in an effort to get Mercedes back to the top, the seven-time world champion has given his team a bit of encouragement…

Hamilton and Mercedes have struggled to come to terms with the new regulations in 2022, with the W13 still way of the pace of the front runners.

Although Hamilton has ruled himself out of this seasons fight for the title, he still wants to battle for victory at Silverstone, where he has won a mind boggling 8 times out of 15 tries.

Speaking to the Express, Hamilton said “I hope by the time we get to the British Grand Prix at Silverstone we will have the car as we want it – to be able to fight with Ferrari and Red Bull. It would be nice if we can give them a run for their money at our home race.”

He added “I know that work is going on tirelessly in the factory to make progress with the car. And I have no doubt we will get it right sooner or later.”

With Baku and Canada to come before he reaches home turf, do you think Hamilton and Mercedes can turn it around before Silverstone? 

18 thoughts on “Lewis Hamilton Has Given Mercedes A Performance Deadline

  • “I hope by the time”, “It would be nice”, that’s not a deadline. Your headline suggests that Hamilton has detailed some consequences, if you’re not reporting them then this feels click-baity.

  • Is there actually a news site for f1 that gives actually news without this clickbait stuff?. So tired of it.

  • Chris Martin says:

    Of course he wants to win, but the headline mentioned a ‘deadline’; does this writer even know what a deadline is? Rubbish reporting, this site has been getting worse for a while and I am going to unsubscribe now. I recommend any real F1 fans do the same, do NOT support this crap.

  • Cambridge Kisby should not be writing articles if it’s like this – no story – no new coverage – clickbait title like why?

  • FrownyFace3000 says:

    Lewis gives Mercedes a performance deadline? Disgraceful headline. It’s not a joke, nor funny, if that’s somehow your intent. I know you guys are casual, fun, and loose, and that’s what we like, but don’t forget, you’re journalists…and this headline is a lie.

  • Richard Jackson says:

    Yeah I’m out with sort of title.

    I come here to read the articles regardless, so you’re not getting any more views from me.

    Keep this up and you will get at least one less moving forward.

  • I find these articles at the bottom of my chrome Home Screen. If they turn out to be click bait, I click on the option to not see anything from that site again. So it’s counter productive.

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