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Lewis Hamilton Is Launching His Own Set Of Emojis

It seems, once you reach a certain level of fame and success, the only natural next step in your career is to launch your own set of emojis.

That’s what Mercedes racer Hamilton is doing, and the app is rather amusingly called ‘Hamoji’. Although, it’s a bit more creative than ‘Fernando Alonso Emoji’.

The three-time F1 champion revealed the news on social media, with a video flicking through some of the emojis on offer with the app.

We don’t know much else about Hamojis so far, apart from that they’re coming to app stores pretty soon.

Let’s break down some of the emojis shown in the video.

Naturally, there’s an emoji of his F1 helmet. Plus, a few of Hamilton in a hoodie. Because that’s something a lot of people need an emoji for.

There’s also a few with his famous blonde hair that caused quite a stir, and some that appear to feature Snapchat filters – we all know his love for the social media app.

Will you be looking out for the Hamoji app when it hits stores in the near future? Or will you just stick with Alonso in a deckchair? Let us know in the comments.

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