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Lewis Hamilton Wants To Go To Mars

In what has to be the most “you can tell it’s the off-season” headline so far this year, reigning world champion Lewis Hamilton has said he wants to go to Mars.

During an interview with fashion magazine Harper’s Bazaar, Hamilton talked about music, Star Wars and strangely, how he’d love to take his jet-set lifestyle one step further.

“I’d love to go to space,” said Hamilton. “I just watched The Martian, I really want to go to Mars.” When told it’d be a one way trip, he added: “I was thinking I could take a hot chick with me and we could just start a family up there.”

Lewis Hamilton even went to see Ridley Scott’s The Martian being filmed, not long before the start of last year’s Hungarian Grand Prix. The Mercedes driver later admitted that it was the cause of his worst performance of the season, where he finished sixth after multiple incidents with other drivers.

So, Hamilton going to Mars? Nico Rosberg might finally win a World Championship.

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