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Lewis Hamilton’s Old Mercedes W04 F1 Car Is Up For Sale

Have you ever thought to yourself, ‘you know what, I really want to buy an F1 car, and I have the money to do it?’

OK, so very few people have probably thought that. But, if you do have a lot of spare cash and a F1 car-shaped space in your garage, then this could be the perfect opportunity.

And it’d make one hell of a track day car.

Hamilton’s old Mercedes W04 raced during the 2013 F1 season has been put up for sale on Mercedes-Benz Classic’s All Time Stars dealership. Yep, a very modern F1 car is up for sale, and anyone can buy it.

Obviously, you need a lot of money to snap it up. The listing hasn’t stated the amount yet, but we imagine it’s quite a lot – it’s not every day five-year-old F1 car goes on the market.

The W04 was raced by Hamilton and Nico Rosberg in 2013, winning three races during the season, scoring six further podiums and leading to Mercedes finishing second in the standings.

The regulations didn’t change much for 2013, but it featured a new five-element front wing, second-generation Coanda exhaust and – of course – a roaring 18,000rpm V8 engine with KERS.

It also looked much better too due to the vanity panel that covered up the awful stepped nose of its predecessor.

We’re hoping it comes with an engine and the KERS system (that’d be pretty cool for a track day), but sadly the W04 up for sale isn’t “race ready” or – more obviously – roadworthy. It’s sold excluding all warranties for defects too.

The W04 arrived just before Mercedes’ domination in the hybrid era, from 2014 onwards, but it’s still a beautiful and important car in the team’s and Hamilton’s F1 history.

Interested? Have a lot of spare cash? See the listing here.

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