The Mercedes W08 broke cover on Thursday and now the team has released a 360-degree onboard video from Lewis Hamilton’s shakedown of the car.

Not only is this video from Mercedes in 360 degrees, but the onboard also features in-car commentary from Hamilton himself as he samples the W08 at Silverstone.

The reigning world champions revealed their 2017 Formula 1 car on Thursday morning, before it was officially unveiled in front of the waiting media.

The W08 in action
The W08 in action

Hamilton was given the first run in the W08, before new driver Valtteri Bottas got behind the wheel of a Silver Arrows for the first time in the afternoon.

It’s cool to hear Hamilton’s reactions to the car during his fairly tentative lap of Silverstone, as he goes through the changes to the car, track conditions and his first impressions.

He sounds pretty excited about the whole lap, made evident by the “wahooo, I love my job”.