Lotterer And Jani Join Rebellion For LMP1 Return – WTF1

Lotterer And Jani Join Rebellion For LMP1 Return

With Porsche having left the World Endurance Championship, it meant some big names were out of a drive in the championship.

Thankfully though two of the most talented drivers in the series will continue in the class as Andre Lotterer and Neel Jani have been snapped up by Rebellion who will be returning to the LMP1 class for the 2018/19 WEC super season.

For Jani it’s a return to the team that he raced for in the series before joining Porsche in 2014.

“Rebellion Racing played a huge role in my career and also helped me become a factory driver for Porsche,” said Jani.

“When Porsche stopped in LMP1, it was clear for me that I wanted to race again for Rebellion.”

Despite Toyota being the only manufacturer in LMP1, the privateers class is looking pretty healthy with ByKolles being joined by Dallara/BR Engineering, Manor and now Rebellion.

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