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Lotus F1 Team’s Monaco Grand Prix in Daft Punk songs

There’s been some interesting Formula One sponsorship over the years, but Daft Punk featuring on the Lotus at Monaco has to be one of the coolest partnerships ever. The French duo were even spotted at the race in special team overalls.

In homage to this awesomeness, we take a look back at Lotuses weekend using Daft Punk songs.

Around the World

Travelling to five different continents along the way, the team arrived in Monaco for the blue riband even of the F1 calendar. Lotus went into the race looking to close the gap to Red Bull Racing in the Constructors’ Championship.


In the twisty tight streets of Monaco, aerodynamic grip is essential… well, and a good grid position of course.

Human After All

A rare smile from Kimi Raikkonen who went into the race just four points behind current championship leader Sebastian Vettel as he chases his second title.


They’re up all night to… fix Grosjean’s car again. Lotus worked long and hard after Romain binned it in Friday practice and then again in FP3 just before qualifying.


The big question was if Daft Punk themselves would be at the race, then, on Sunday, the team arrived to the grid in style with Daft Punk themselves escorting Raikkonen and Grosjean to their cars.

The Grid

Again Lotus were let down by their qualifying performance and with grid position hugely important in Monaco, it was always going to be tough. Raikkonen lined up behind the Mercedes and Red Bulls in fifth while Grosjean started down in 13th.


Kimi Perez

Sergio Perez made some ambitious moves during the race and his one on Raikkonen didn’t pay off. Kimi on the radio was less than happy saying “that idiot will crash into me!” and sure enough, the two of them made contact out of the tunnel, resulting in a damaged car for Perez and a puncture for Raikkonen.

Get Lucky

Get Lucky

Kimi’s puncture dropped him down the order and seemingly put to an end his 22 consecutive points streak but in the final laps he pulled off some great overtakes on both Sauber’s and got lucky when Valtteri Bottas mistook him for the leader and let him passed, he went on to finish tenth.

One More Time


A fourth and final crash for Grosjean saw him retire from a what was a forgettable race for the Frenchman. Underbraking at the exit of the tunnel he ploughed into the back of an innocent Daniel Ricciardo, taking them both out of the race.


Kimi Perez

He doesn’t say much in interviews but Kimi was cleary upset with Perez after the race telling German TV, “Maybe someone should punch him in the face.” Raikkonen remains second in the championship but is now 21 points off the lead.

High Fidelity

Team Principal Eric Boullier continued to support Grosjean after the race. When asked if he had considered putting test driver Davide Valsecchi in the car, Boullier said: “Not yet.” Romain takes a ten place grid drop for Canada, if he’s there…


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