Formula E is known for giving out some slightly strange penalties, but Lucas Di Grassi has fallen victim to perhaps the weirdest yet. Fresh from finishing second in the Punta del Este ePrix, Di Grassi was slapped with a €10,000 fine and three penalty points on his licence… for wearing the wrong underwear.

In a brief statement, the stewards mentioned that he was penalised for wearing “short flame-resistant underwear pants which are not allowed by the International Sporting Code”. Now there’s a mental image for you.

It seems like a very harsh punishment for putting on the wrong tightie whities, but it was a clear breach of safety regulations, hence the fine and the points.

Di Grassi accepted his mistake and told that he wore the wrong pants because the heat had made all of his other pairs wet and he wanted to wear clean ones. You can’t blame a guy for not wanting to wear wet underwear! And hey, with the bad luck he’s had this season, at least he got to keep his second place.