The stewards have disqualified both Kevin Magnussen and Esteban Ocon for slightly different reasons, both relating to fuel. Magnussen’s Haas was discovered to have exceeded the 105kg fuel limit that is implemented for each race. It means the Haas driver is disqualified from the result and he loses 9th place.

Esteban Ocon has also been disqualified for a fuel-related technical infringement. Unlike Magnussen’s issue, Ocon’s breach only lasted for one lap rather than the entire race. He was deemed to have exceeded the fuel mass flow limit on lap one. This error on one lap of the race has cost the Frenchman a strong 8th place result.

Both drivers will without doubt be miffed off, but breaching technical regulations never go down well. These two points-scoring disqualifications promote Sergio Perez from 10th to 8th, Brendon Hartley from 11th to 9th, and Marcus Ericsson from 12th to 10th.

It means that Haas has a little bit more work to do in bridging the growing gap to Renault for fourth in the Constructors, whereas Force India now has to outscore McLaren by 12-points to overcome them in the constructors’ standings.