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Magnussen Says The FIA Are Too Easy To Influence After Frustrating Canadian GP

It was an underwhelming day for Haas at the Canadian Grand Prix, and along with a bit of bad luck, Kevin Magnussen has blamed it on the FIA. 

After a brush with Lewis Hamilton on lap one, Magnussen’s Haas was a bit banged up, with a small piece of his front wing left sticking out. According to Magnussen, the contact “was nothing serious” and left just a “scratch” on his Haas.

Despite the damage, Magnussen was able to maintain his good pace and thought the car was fine, but Esteban Ocon had other ideas…

The Alpine driver complained over team radio that if the broken piece of Magnussen’s front wing were to come loose it could be very dangerous to the cars behind.

Soon after, Magnussen was shown a black-and-orange flag, forcing him to pit and change his front wing. The forced stop dropped the Haas from 6th all the way down to 20th.

Speaking to ESPN print journalists after the race, Magnussen said: “I was talking to Ocon now and he was just joking how he told the FIA that it was really bad. If you know you can influence the FIA like that, you’re going to do it, aren’t you? Which is what he did, fair play.”

The Dane also compared his incident to Lewis Hamilton’s controversial contact with Max Verstappen in Jeddah last year, saying: “Lewis Hamilton won the race without half a front wing…which I think is correct, you know. Let us race if we can.”

Should the FIA have let Magnussen keep racing, or were they right to make him stop? 

11 thoughts on “Magnussen Says The FIA Are Too Easy To Influence After Frustrating Canadian GP

  • He’s absolutely right.

    We’re talking about the same FIA that allowed Mercedes to install a second floor stay.
    The result is that Hamilton back pain suddenly vanished, Wolf wasn’t constantly complaining about drivers health and safety, even if the W13 was clearly still bouncing, and the gap reduced from the one minute of
    Baku, to the few seconds in Canada.

    And the media are getting along with this.

      • The FIA did not mandate a second floor stay. There was no way teams could design & manufacture it in a day, yet somehow Merc had 2 floor stays installed for FP1 🤔

    • randomlyassigned says:

      They didn’t use the second stay in the race. And can we just all commiserate with Magnussen for a bit before jumping off to Merc?

  • In all fairness he is right (ocon). I bet if it was someone else’s car and the but came off and gave him a puncture he’d be complaining why the FIA didn’t do anything

  • Tjidde Nieuwenhuizen says:

    It is okay that show the Meatball flag if the car is damages. But then they need to do it always. If there is even a tiny bit that can fall off flag.

    If they aren’t going to do that, they better not show it at all.

  • randomlyassigned says:

    Both instances of the black and orange this year (Tsunoda’s DRS flap, Magnussen’s wing) were, IMO, completely unwarranted. Neither driver posed a risk to the field and both were contending and competitive with the damage they had. Last year I can’t recall an instance of the FIA breaking out the B&O, but this year it’s been a real hair-trigger reaction from them. Totally inconsistent, totally unwarranted. Let them race.

    It also needs to be pointed out to the FIA that the source of the complaint was a competitor mid-race who was trying to get past Magnussen; no conflict of interest here, folks! Ocon chalked it up to joking, but he seriously screwed over the Haas driver’s race. It doesn’t take a genius to see this wasn’t handled properly.

  • Saurabh Ketkar says:

    It was right for the FIA to intervene here. His front wing was dangling and might have broken a few laps later. In Hamiltons case from jeddah last year, he did have a broken front wing, but nothing was dangling and threatening to break apart. Hence it was okay.

    You can drive with a broken front wing, not one that continues breaking,…

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