A Wild Maldonado Appears At IndyCar Race In IOWA – WTF1

A Wild Maldonado Appears At IndyCar Race In IOWA

Other than making a cameo in one of Felipe Massa’s Instagram posts, WTF1 favourite Pastor Maldonado has been pretty quiet since he was dropped by Renault at the start of the year… until now.

The Venezuelan may well be back in a cockpit next year, as he was spotted hanging out with IndyCar team KVSH Racing at IOWA Speedway ahead of the race there tomorrow.

Of course, the internet was loving Maldonado’s return…

Maldonado told NBC Sports that F1 was still his ultimate goal but didn’t rule out racing somewhere else if he can’t find a drive.

“At the moment we are not looking to race here, but for sure I’m looking around to solve my situation,” said Maldonado. “First option is of course Formula One because I’ve been very involved in the past few years there.”

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