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Mark Webber Doesn’t Think Much To Pastor Maldonado

He may no longer be racing in Formula One but straight talking Aussie, Mark Webber, still has some strong opinions about the current state of the sport.

It’s seem that Webber, who now races in the World Endurance Championship, doesn’t take too kindly to drivers who decide where they go based on the size of their wallets.

“We know we’ve got quality at the front, but I just still think there’s the swing of the financial drivers, who are coming to basically decide what teams they want to go to and also if they’re going to stay there.”

In a recent interview Webber claimed that the current depth of F1 drivers has ‘never been weaker’ and he didn’t hold back when speaking about WTF1’s favourite, Pastor Maldonado.

“Pastor for example, saying ‘I haven’t made my decision yet where I’m going’. What other sports work like that? If you’re not performing mate, on your bike chap, get out of here.”

Come on, give Pastor a break… he hasn’t crashed in 3 days now.

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