Manor are apparently facing a deadline of the 20th of January to find a buyer if they’re to be on the grid in 2017.

Manor was put into administration in early January by their parent company, Just Racing Services Ltd, after attempts to find new investors fell through. Things would probably have been ok had they not lost 10th place in the constructors’ championship at the penultimate race in Brazil, but apparently the loss of prize money resulting from it meant their chances became significantly slimmer.

Manor still have a few days to find a solution
Manor still have a few days to find a solution

With the season so close there is now apparently a deadline of the 20th of January for the team to find a buyer, as any later than that and there wouldn’t be enough time to prepare for the first race in Melbourne.

Their new car is designed and ready to be built, but the parts for it still need to be produced and the administrators have blocked the team from spending the extra money.

So, if nobody comes to the rescue by the 20th of January, that’ll be the end of Manor. Come on people, surely there must be someone out there with deep pockets and a dream to own an F1 team? There’s even a Grand Prix winner on the driver market who wants a seat next year – it’s a foolproof business plan!