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Mark Webber Doesn’t Think Jenson Button Is Interested In Coming Back To Race At Monaco

When Jenson Button retired – sorry, I mean when he became a part of McLaren’s ‘innovative three-driver strategy’ at the end of 2016, few expected he’d be back in an F1 car so soon. But with Fernando Alonso off doing the Indy 500 he’s been called up to sub for him at the Monaco Grand Prix.

But according to Mark Webber his return is a complete non-story, as there’s no chance of him achieving a decent result thanks to the issues of the Honda power unit. Webber said:

“That’s a non story, Jenson at Monaco. He goes out, has fuel pressure problems on practice one, qualifies 17th, race retires Lap 12. Whatever. Who cares. Jenson is a world champion. He’s won Monaco. It’s a story if he can win the race, but to get some points, he’d be lucky. Who cares.”

That’s a fairly optimistic prediction of his race there Mr. Webber – you’re assuming his car can even reach the start!

Webber also thinks that Jenson’s decision not to test the MCL32 at Bahrain shows a lack of commitment, and that he’s not really interested in coming back to race at all.

“Jenson didn’t do any testing in Bahrain, he doesn’t take it so seriously – ‘I want to stay in America and do my triathlon, I’m not bothered about the Bahrain test’ – which for me was a surprise. “So for Jenson, the first session in Monaco will be ‘wakey-wakey’. I don’t think he’s very interested.”

Some strong words from Mark, but he’s never been one to beat around the bush. You have to admit though, he does have a point…

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