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Masi Provides Big Update On Supercars Role And Motorsport Future

Michael Masi has been the centre of the motorsport rumour mill this week, but according to the ex-F1 race director, he’s got plenty of offers on the table!

It was previously reported that Masi was set to take over as Chairman of the Supercars commission in Australia, after officially leaving the FIA in July. 

However, when asked by about his potential new job, Masi replied: “They’re only rumours.” 

“There’s been a number of things that have popped up out of the woodwork, and I’m in not in a rush to confirm anything on any of them.”

Masi had previously stated that he wanted to relocate back to Australia to spend more time with his family and take on new challenges. This is ultimately where the rumoured role within the Supercars championship has come from as it pretty much ticks every box for the Aussie. 

He continued to elaborate on some of the other job offers he had received and added: “Some a surprise, some not so much of a surprise, but equally, we’ll just continue to evaluate all the bits and pieces that are popping up, and there is plenty.

“I’ve had a number of offers from all corners of the globe and there’s a number of exciting opportunities that have come about.”

Where do you think Masi could end up? Is a return to F1 out of the question? 

Michael Masi at the Singapore Grand Prix © XPB Images

4 thoughts on “Masi Provides Big Update On Supercars Role And Motorsport Future

    • Martin Wootton says:

      What a load of old bull. He did his job extremely well, but cry baby Hamilton lost out. Wake up and smell the coffee. I hope Micheal does well.

  • if he does get a role in the Supercars, it will be quite interesting to see how the paddock receives him when they support F1 at Melbourne

  • Leo Verrilli says:

    While he did make some mistakes, being Australian, I still feel for him, but he better not mess up V8 supercars right now when they need him most.

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