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Masi Says Verstappen’s Burnout Celebration Won’t Be Allowed Again

After winning the Styrian Grand Prix by a whopping 35 seconds, Max Verstappen wanted to put on a show for his team at their ‘home race’ at the Red Bull Ring. He opted for a strong burnout on the start/finish straight in front of the team, but the FIA aren’t happy about it. 

With the cheeky manoeuvre being played on F1’s world feed, F1’s Race Director, Michael Masi said he looked at the burnout “as soon as it happened”. 

“It was not an ideal situation,” Masi told media after the race, “which is why I spoke to the team immediately and told them accordingly that it’s something that would not be tolerated in the future.”

Uh oh, sounds like a nasty smack on the back of the wrist for Red Bull. 

Race winners are allowed to celebrate when they secure their victory. It’s literally in the rule book, as long as it doesn’t delay the podium ceremony or call into question the legality of their car. You also have to make sure that the act is “performed safely and doesn’t endanger other drivers or any other officials”. 

As it didn’t affect the first two, it can only be assumed that Masi thought it was a risk to other drivers or the team on the pit wall.  

Either way, drivers make note: no burnouts on the finish line to celebrate the win.

19 thoughts on “Masi Says Verstappen’s Burnout Celebration Won’t Be Allowed Again

    • Baah. 2 or 3 of the best drivers in the world. 2 i’d say. Max and Lewis. Leclerc, Ric, Gasly, Sainz, etc ain’t even close. #3 would be vettel, but he seems to have passed his competitive shelflife.

  • Richard Jackson says:

    Good old F1 sucking the fun out of life at every opportunity since last 30 years or so.

  • Lol get over it… Nascar does burnouts all over the track and elsewhere. Sounds like Masi might be a Hamilton fanboy

  • This is all becoming a bit
    silly now !! Nanny state controlling F1 , it’s becoming more and more boring too many rules by the FIA .
    What The the hell is wrong with celebrating a win with a burn out 🙄.

  • Look, I dislike RedBull more than any other F1 team. Having said that, I dislike the FIA even more. STFO of this stuff FIA. You push the fans too much we will boycott you

  • What a bunch of bull from Masi…..
    Seriously does the dude have nothing else to do then crack down on non critical things?
    Nobody close to him for 35sec.
    And for the team, thats far higher and still away from the track or at least the car….
    Where is the safety issue?

    • Alfred Stephen says:

      It wasn’t in that particular race but if it’s allowed, there’s a non zero chance that the next time around, some poor backmarker are still fighting for position and it might cause an accident. Besides it’s not even a good burnout anyway so it doesn’t worth anything more than stucking a finger to Mercedes.

  • The Lorryist says:

    Other drivers were still racing, and Max deliberately stopped on the track to do a burnout, right by the finish line. Dangerous does not describe it.

    • Please explain how others are still racing? After the car in first position crosses the line the chequered flag is out, meaning all cars behind that cross the line (wether a second behind or 3 laps) have finished the race too.
      I kind of see your point but the FIA need to stop being a bunch of wet flannels.
      My opinion obviously…

    • That’s cute, but it’s wrong.
      As soon as the winner passes the finishline the race stops. True the cars behind can still fight and race, but only until they passed the finishline. They are NOT allowed to finish the laps they were behind.
      So not in ANY circumstance a racing driver still racing could be impeded by the winner.

  • Ryan Mchugh says:

    Huh, maybe if he paid more attention to actual safety issues he wouldn’t be leaving cars going 2 to 3 laps before calling out the safety car.

  • Masi is the biggest clown in the circus called F1.
    Since these ‘Muricans have taken over, F1 has become the motorsport-equivalent of WWE.
    Literally every racing categorie out there provides better racing, and often are much more awesome/dangerous as well.
    If it was up to Masi im sure he’d line up 20 simulators on the grid, with pluche fauteuils and styrofoam helmets as not to hurt the poor kids in their dire situations.
    My effing god.

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