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Max Verstappen Hits Out At The Media For ‘Making Him Look Bad’ After Brazil

There’s no denying that Max Verstappen was a popular talking point after the Brazilian Grand Prix. The two-time champ found himself the subject of a ‘team orders dispute’ as he refused to let teammate Sergio Perez pass him on the final lap for sixth position.

A sixth place might not sound like much, but with Perez trying to secure second place in the championship and being known for obeying team orders without much hesitation, it certainly ruffled a few feathers.

Max claims his engineer told him to move aside on the last lap at Interlagos but refused over “something that happened earlier in the season,” which he had previously explained to Red Bull Racing in Mexico. The team had also apparently understood and agreed.

“Everything has been solved. In hindsight, we should have had that conversation earlier because I had never been a bad teammate to everyone. I’ve always been very helpful, and the team knows that.

“But after that race, I looked very bad in the media. Also, they didn’t have a clear picture.”

Verstappen has a point, as even George Russell’s maiden win was overshadowed by the team orders controversy.

“To immediately put me down like that is pretty ridiculous to be honest,” Max continued.

“They don’t know how I work within the team and what the team appreciates about me.

“All the things I’ve read have been pretty disgusting. Even more than that, they started attacking my family, and they were threatening my sister, my mum, my girlfriend, my dad.

“For me that goes way too far when you don’t even have the facts of what was actually going on. That definitely has to stop, if you have a problem with me, that’s fine but don’t go after my family, that is just unacceptable.

“We move on, I have a great relationship with Checo but I just don’t understand when people don’t have the full picture to immediately start attacking me like that but I hope one day they actually understand what was going on because it’s just unacceptable behaviour.

“Just so many people, also in this paddock, not only fans but a lot of people, what they’ve been writing about me is just ridiculous.”

Max’s comments come just after Red Bull Racing made a statement about the weekend, condemning all the abuse the team has received since Sunday’s race.

Let’s hope this all gets sorted before we go into the winter break!

16 thoughts on “Max Verstappen Hits Out At The Media For ‘Making Him Look Bad’ After Brazil

  • Adam Williams says:

    I am a huge fan of Max, Checo and the whole Red Bull team. That said, if you pull a very public move like Max did in Brazil when he refused to give a meaningless (to him) place back to help his teammate you can (and should) expect to get a LOT of very upset and confused fans saying all variety of things because to us it makes zero sense. It goes without saying that anyone crossing the line and issuing threats and so forth is the worst type of person as that type of behavior is NEVER acceptable.

    That aside, Max shouldn’t be surprised that his (seemingly) petty actions have people up in arms. He is already perceived to be hard to get along with and pulling something like this only hurts his public image. He can go on to win a dozen more championships but if no one respects you as a person was it all worth it? Some would say yes – I say emphatically: no.

    • THats the problem with unsocial media, people find this kind of reaction normal if someone does something they don’t like and understand. that’s absolute bull shit. Was his action childish and petty? yeah probably, but we don’t know because we don’t know the reasoning behind it. Was i dissapointed in him? Yes. Was it a big deal? No.
      And you claiming he’s already percieved to be hard to get along with is just another baseless accusation being thrown around. So before you talk out of your ass, do some fact checking. Because the opposite is true, he’s an easy to get along with down to earth guy. And that comes from people that interact with him on a daily/weekly basis, people in the paddock. Just look at Gasly, Albon and Ricciardo, all guys who he’s had a negative impact on their carreers because he so good. Yet their still friends.

      • You mad bro?

        That’s the great thing about social media, you and I don’t have to agree and yet the world keeps turning…

        P.S. You meant “they’re” not “their”, you’re welcome.

        • Saying ‘you mad bro?’ and correcting someone’s grammar immediately harms your point. No one needs to be rude because you don’t agree.

          • Oh Laddy… What would the internet do without you policing everyone?? I shudder to think… Look, I made my original point then he was extremely rude to me so I was slightly rude back, then you came charging in to admonish me for being rude and offering “sage advice” about how MY being rude hurts my point… [sigh] this is getting boring… but please hit me back if you insist on keeping this pointless drivel going.

  • Dude! Your family went after Checo!!! Your Mom twitted accusing Checo of cheating his wife in Monaco!!! Your whole family brought this up to them..

  • The Oracle Red Bull team and sponsors have become a laughingstock for their behavior on and off the track since the 2021 AD fiasco.
    Rather than honesty, and accepting when they mess up, they make things 100 x worse.
    You cannot assert respect, you have to earn it, and right now Max has successfully turned everybody against him by his driving, rantings and ravings.

    The sad thing is, it’s the FIA that really started this thing off with how they managed AD 2021. They should have handed the trophy to Hamilton as soon as they realized that it was an FIA mistake that resulted in the Championship win. They did not, and never really apologized.

    Then, when it was realized, in addition to being gifted the 2021 season trophy, Red Bull had also exceeded the budget cap, this was the FIA’s second chance to fix things, and they failed!

    So now we have F1 in a pretty sorry state of affairs, and few are happy with the situation. (Maybe not Netflix)
    Since then, things have gone from bad to worse.

    We now see Max’s Mom attaching Checo, we see Checo playing 2nd fiddle to a selfish irresponsible “team mate” who has already won the championship, and can’t even help is teammate get 2nd in the drivers standings.

    Like the FIA, Oracle Red Bull Racing try to blame everybody else but themselves. We have seen deflection after deflection.

    Horner, rather than apologize to fans and the other teams about going over the budget cap, expects an apology from the other teams?

    Then Max takes a comment from Ted Kravitz personally, Ted did not say Max stole the championship, and censors Sky Sports. You really can’t make this stuff up!

    Then RBR try to tell people Max is a team player, and lie about the timings of Max being asked to allow Perez to pass him in Brazil, when everybody can watch the truth on video feeds – is amazing to watch.

    F1 is at a very low ebb, I did not think it could get any worse than it was before Brazil, but even Max’s fans now are having trouble supporting Max and Red Bull.

    Can things get any worse, I’m not holding my breath!

    There is never any excuse for death threats, but I have not seen any, so I assume that they must have been removed, and rightfully so. But Red Bull, get your own house in order before deflecting the blame to fans. A bit of guidance here for Oracle Red Bull Racing, Customer (fans, other teams) perception is always right, not the cause of your problems, buy a mirror!

  • Bramborovy Salat says:

    Red Bull and Max and his Pop are the equivalent of Trump and MAGA. They behave entitled, ruthless and incapable of any good will towards others. For every criticism they just double down and keep on their self centered way. The cancel culture is a wonderful tool for pricks like that, for there is nothing else that would stop them from reaping everything in their benefit

  • Poul Winther Knudsen says:

    Media made you look precisely the way you are! There’s a clinical label for this behavior (and it’s not a nice one): Showing your true self, then expecting you can make it go away. Well, you can get away with gaslighting one person, maybe even two or three in extreme cases, but several hundred millions? As delusional as when you think you can drive above Lewis’ car!

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