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Max Verstappen Slams Virtual Le Mans Organisers After Server Issues Forced Him To Quit

We’re 15 days into the new year, and all is quiet and peaceful in the F1 driver univ- never mind. Last night, we had our first Max Verstappen rage-fuelled rant of the year. 

Although this one could be completely justified 😳 

Max was due to get his racing fix this weekend and participate in the Virtual Le Mans Series with Team Redline. However, not everything went as planned.

After taking the lead from the start of the race, he couldn’t be stopped by anyone…

except for the servers. 

Organisers had to throw out a Red Flag after the two servers being used for the event were targeted by a security breach. Meanwhile, drivers were already disconnecting due to the server’s instability. This led to Max being kicked from the game too, and when he rejoined he was a lap and a half down and had fallen down to P17. 

A while later, there were more connection issues, which prompted Verstappen to retire the car and quit the game. Sat with his arms crossed, resembling a toddler being told no, he said, “they call it amazingly bad luck, well this is just incompetence.”

He continues, “they can’t even control their own game. This is the third time already that this has happened to me now, being kicked off the game while doing this race.”

“Honestly, it is a joke. You cannot even call it an event. It’s a clown show.” 🤡 

It’s fair to say that Verstappen won’t be in a hurry to play the game again, and suggested that everyone uninstalled it too.

Do you think Max was right to be frustrated? 


9 thoughts on “Max Verstappen Slams Virtual Le Mans Organisers After Server Issues Forced Him To Quit

  • He has every right to be frustrated about what happened in that event. Not only the fact that this is the third year in a row where VLMS has been plagued by server issues, the fact that each team spends nearly half a month preparing for the event and with $250,000 at stake only to have all that time and money gone down the toilet by being disconnected is not only a shame for Verstappen but also for his teammates, as that amount of money can be life-changing for them. Motorsport Games once again utilizing their dark arts well.

    • I doubt Max really cared about that race money, he is a racer through and through and having an actual WDC and countless other professional drivers participating gives the sim community actual legitimacy as a genuine professional motorsport platform instead of it being “just a video game.”

      Its a shame the organizers did not have a legit technical team to fix and lock down on issues to ensure the integrity of the race (and if they did, they did a bad job). Of course, nobody said its a simple thing but this is why technicals are paid.

      • Isaac Alderton says:

        thats the thing if a current F1 world champion takes Esports that seriously the Fia should look into it more

  • ฬ๏ยtєг says:

    So the new people that have taken over WTF1 have decided to continue down the drain with their gutter press level of writing. Imagine this site comparing Hamilton with a toddler when he stayed in his car for a couple of minutes after AD in 2021…

    This Virtual Le Mans 24 is an event that many professional irl drivers and sim racers take very serious and spend many months preparing for, so when the event gets ruined by the ineptitude of its organizers he has every right to be frustrated or angry.

    Judging the tone of this article, which will surely just add fuel to the toxic F1 fanbase that is against Max Verstappen, this is sadly the way this platform chooses to go forward, so I will follow Tommy and Matt’s example and leave this rotten ship.

    Hope some decent people will eventually prevail here, but for now you have lost another long time follower.

    • Isaac Alderton says:

      yea but your forgetting is your asking someone to devote ( work realistically ) 24 hours to something and you cant even give them the proper tools tom complete the task. We accept it in so many things especially within the gaming world look at how many games we have released as “early access” and have fucking paid dlc. after being in EA for more then 2 years. Its sad. i get his frustration on other games. like I play in a league for f1 and we stream to twitch and ive had server issues and its shiiit honestly getting d sync whilst goin 280 kph into a corner with a car mere inches from you is super frustrating. In australia we pay 80 – 100 for the game and they cant even get there servers right over these years like for gods sake how many copy paste f1 games have there been. my internets not a issue 10mbs down

  • Le Mans Virtual may not be an F1 caliber event but it is no joke. It takes a significant time, effort and money to prepare for one. He is completely justified to be angry as I was.
    There are motor sporting events out there besides F1 that are important enough to be frustrated about. No need for the toddler comment. What a shame.

  • Florin Dabuleanu says:

    Check DOTA 2 Shanghai Major, and it was a LAN event. The production team was fired mid-event and hired a new team, capable of delivering. Max was not harsh enough.

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