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Max Verstappen Wants To Make Two Major Changes To F1

The 2022 regulation changes may have kept their promise for closer racing (kinda) but Max Verstappen still wants some big changes moving forward…

Speaking ahead of the Hungarian Grand Prix, Verstappen was asked if he could make one rule change in F1 what it would be.

While we might have suggested a bit more consistency from race stewards, Verstappen kept it simple.

“I think following has been quite a bit better, so that’s positive, said Verstappen. “But of course, the weight of the cars, they’re extremely heavy, which I think it’s not great, which I don’t really see a quick solution for.”

In 2022, all cars have a minimum weight of 798kg, which is 46kg heavier than last year! Although they may be a bit more difficult to drive, the added weight – largely a consequence of safety changes and bigger wheels – was part of many changes for 2022 as F1 and the FIA attempted to get cars to race closer together.

When asked if there was anything else he’d change, Verstappen replied: “Less races.”

There has already been some moaning about 2023’s proposed 23-race calendar, as it can take a pretty big toll on drivers and the teams. Is it any wonder Sebastian Vettel decided to retire in order to spend more time with his family?

However, Max wants the future F1 calendar reduced all the way down to just 16 races. “Just pick all the good tracks. Leave all the others out,” Verstappen added. Short and sweet, we like it! 

Do you think the FIA should listen to Max’s suggestions, or is 23 races a good amount? 


25 thoughts on “Max Verstappen Wants To Make Two Major Changes To F1

  • Wolf Den Auto says:

    I like Max. Best racer since Senna. That said if they dropped to 16 races would you be willing to forego 25% of your salary?

      • his style closely matches that of Senna, and where that might be said of others, he is able to do it successfully. so logically, anyone who thinks Senna’s style of driving was the best, then would think that Verstappen is the best driver since Senna.

    • Hendrik van der Spuy says:

      Defo best since senna and maybe include Schumacher? Fans want more races though and the Americans are such good marketeers it’ll probably stay as its

      • Hmm, Schumacher and Hamilton and Vettel and maybe Alonso. None of them rate – only Ayrton Senna and Max Verstappen.
        I can only think you are very new to the sport OR you know something that I, and millions of other F1 fans and professional pundits don’t know.

    • I was trying to figure a way to say exactly that in less than 100 words.
      Well said!
      Max gets paid plenty to appear in 23 races or 30 races or more! – he’s paid over $1 million per race atm. He seems to forget it’s a spectator sport and one race every 3 weeks won’t cut it.

  • Max wants two major changes to F1?

    1. Max quits F1. For good.
    2. Oracle is no longer a sponsor of Red Bull. Or any other F1 team, for that matter.

    That would be more than good: it would be superior.

  • Jason Malcolm says:

    From a fan perspective I love having so many races to look forward to. But I whole heartedly agree with his pick the good tracks. I bet they could even produce a 20 race calendar with decent races. The sooner they ditch these crap street tracks and boring race tracks the better.
    It won’t change though they gave Miami a 10 year contract before a wheel had touched tarmac.
    I think driver careers will actually shorten as the longer seasons come in. I can see drivers doing it for 7-8 years and then packing in to go do other things and maybe coming back for a swan song again.

      • Jason Malcolm says:

        Money wise 100% they are. But 30 races means 30 race weekends which means if they had the current format with the 4 week summer break.
        To have any form of off season (about 2 months compared to last off season of just over 3 months) you’d need about 7 triple headers.
        I don’t think it’s impossible by any means but it’s why I think drivers will have a shorter career as they will burn out.

        I do also think that car development will be affected by so many races. It gives teams less time to sit in there relevant offices/workshops and brainstorm if your head engineers are constantly traveling for race weekends.

        Would you rather 30 races at any venue just so there are more races to watch no matter the quality of those races?

        As other comments have mentioned and I completely agree with. Less is more and always leave the fans wanting more.

  • I don’t think there is anything wrong with 23 races per year they just need to be better arranged.
    Why does F1 need a month off in the middle of summer? You could knock a few weeks of each end of the season instead.

    Why flit between continents willy nilly?
    Plan the season properly – group all the N+S American races together then Europe and so on.

    That would reduce the carbon footprint and reduce fatigue and costs for all the teams.

    • ฬ๏ยtєг says:

      These cars are very high maintenance, so you can’t simply leave them on the other side of the planet for like 7 races and 2,5 to 3 months without returning to the factory in between. I do agree they should group together like 3 races in the same area more, but having the whole circus travel across the world is pretty much inevitable in a global sport like F1.

    • yeah, grouping things together via continent, or region should be a thing.

      summer break is not so bad, maybe drop it to 2 weeks and sneak another 1 week break in there.

      I think 23 races is a bit much when you have crap circuits like Jeddah and Miami. 20 races including the best racing circuits, Spa, Silverstone, Brazil, Monza, Canada, RBRing, etc. that’s a race year.

      F1 want to include places like Miami and Jeddah because of the stuff they add to the spectacle around the event, the event itself is not great though. bring in those spectacles to Spa, and then you have a great race and great attraction.

  • I would argue instead of having the main racers do all the races let some junior racers or rookies have one or two races a year, just like the FP rule this year. This would certainly spice things up during the race having an unknown entity and would add an extra strategic component with rest and when to let the main drivers take a rest weekend.

    • Jason Malcolm says:

      I quite like this concept. Would you have it so teams can pick and choose which races they put there junior drivers in or would it be specific races where all teams have junior drivers?
      If it was the latter these would then kind of be ignored in terms of the championship so that race would lose value in comparison to other tracks.

      Would be great for young driver developments too

      • I would personally like to see the first option you describe. This would also show alot more what the junior driver could do vs. The current grid.

        • Jason Malcolm says:

          I think I’d prefer that too. Would almost definitely bring more viewers to the sport of intrigue too. Would be an interesting example of just how much the car plays a factor.

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