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Max Verstappen Won’t Be Winning This Year’s FIA ‘Action Of The Year’ Award

Every single year that Max Verstappen has been racing cars he’s won the FIA’s annual ‘Action of the Year’ award.

In 2014 it was for snatching second place on the line in an F3 race, in 2015 it was for passing Felipe Nasr around the outside of Blanchimont in the Belgian Grand Prix, and last year it was for passing Nico Rosberg around the outside in the soaking wet Brazilian Grand Prix.

But he won’t be making it four from four, because nothing he’s done this year is on the shortlist. In fact, despite plenty of mega on-track moments this year (Daniel Ricciardo’s triple pass at Baku, for one) there aren’t any F1 entries. At all.

The shortlist of 10 features some pretty good moments though. Here’s a few highlights.

You can view the rest of clips on the shortlist and vote for your favourite moment by heading over to the FIA website. They’re going to regret 1) opening the voting so early, and 2) not including any F1 stuff when Marcus Ericsson wins the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix following a wheel-banging battle with Lewis Hamilton on the final lap.

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