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Max Verstappen’s Got A Strong Message To The Fans Burning Mercedes Merch

In the same week that F1 have released their #DriveItOut campaign against abuse in the championship, there’s also been a video shared on social media of a Verstappen fan appearing to burn a Mercedes cap. It’s not the first time we’ve seen such a bizarre act of hate; similar videos were being shared in Austria earlier this month.

However, Verstappen has a clear message for those who think this behaviour is acceptable.

“These individuals, I definitely don’t agree with that because that’s just disgusting. That video of burning merch, I think that’s disgusting,” the Hungarian GP race winner emphasised.

“Overall, I think the majority of the fans were cheering a lot, I think, throughout the race, and also on the podium, for every driver. I think that’s how it should be.”

We’re with Max in thinking these kinds of acts are repulsive, and we’re glad to see him call out the individuals who were taking part in the burning of merchandise.

Very strange behaviour 🥴

17 thoughts on “Max Verstappen’s Got A Strong Message To The Fans Burning Mercedes Merch

  • talkingtostrangers says:

    If you want to spend RIDICULOUS amounts of money on F1 merchandise, you can do with it as you please. Frame it, burn it, whatever.

  • I understand having a preference, but I will never understand this senseless hate against other drivers and/or teams and their supporters. I’m in camp Verstappen/Red Bull, but I find myself cheering for other drivers as well. They’re out there on track, giving us a memorable weekend and bringing the excitement that makes Formula 1 great. Hamilton, Leclerc, Norris, and others. They’re fantastic drivers and great people, and the sport would suffer if we didn’t have them.

  • Wissam Hamdan says:

    Hi, I’m a Mercedes fan, and I don’t accept someone burning a Mercedes hat, so would they accept me burning a red bull hat?

    • As a red bull fan I don’t think it’s too big of a deal if either side burn merch it’s their wasted money and I don’t think they themselves are that serious about hating Mercedes it’s literally just motorsport. I just think they want the attention that they have clearly just achieved.

      • Jason Malcolm says:

        Based on the abuse Mercedes fans were receiving at the Austrian GP. I don’t believe it’s far fetched to believe these same individuals were stealing other peoples merch to burn. If they are willing to harass women lifting up there skirts etc
        Potentially even Mercedes fans being in fear of receiving the abuse and so dumping there merch and these idiots grabbing and burning it.

        I think burning of the merch no matter what side are doing it is wrong tbh. It’s not what the sports about. The competition is on the track. Neither side handled last season well off track but the teams have generally put it behind them and focussed forward. Unfortunately large parts of the fan base haven’t. If that kind of behaviour continues you’re then talking about fan segregation dependant on who you support.

        • I think I just find it hard to believe that people could take a sport that they’re not even competing in so serious. If they did take it so serious why why they risk getting kicked out of the race for being a jackass?

          • Jason Malcolm says:

            I agree that it’s mad to think people would go to these extremes but look at other sports. Mainly Football / Soccer depending where you are. People take that as life or death. I’m a fan of Football but I find it madness when people let results set there mood for the next however long. I’m the same with F1. I’m a LH fan but when results don’t go his way after the race it’s disappointing then I move on.
            There are individuals who hold on to everything though. These idiots are literally burning merch of a team that isn’t even competing with them this season because they’re holding onto last years animosity. I doubt they have a brain cell between them so there probably isn’t anyway to help them see sense.

    • Jason Malcolm says:

      I don’t think it’s Max personally and I’m a LH fan. I think it’s the dramatization of it by Netflix. I watched the first season of DTS and found it to be a very skewed perspectives so if that is the programme that has brought fans in then they’re opinions are all based on controlled narratives for “good TV” where as if you watch the race weekends there is no skewing it. Media is creating the toxic fan bases and F1 need to have Netflix and other media outlets stop the storyline bias that imo is creating this. Even the clickbait headlines etc. You read the article and there are comments on it who clearly have only read the headline and “bitten”

  • They’re probably doing it for attention or at least I’d hope so because I don’t think anyone is going to get that retarded over motorsport.

  • Vítek Jurásek says:

    As a Red Bull fan I am disgusted with this behavior, because it shows the toxic side of f1 fans that shouldn’t be part of a sport that we all love.

  • Jesus, he is just burning money! It’s his cap I assume, it’s not a countries flag. He is paying Mercedes to burn it. It is just the standard of today, people looking for something wrong.

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