We’ve seen Star Wars and F1 mix before, with Red Bull running a special livery back in Monaco 2005. Well Autosport forum member CF22 hasn’t had enough F1/Star Wars fun and has done this great series of photoshops.

Many from the F1 world have started in this ‘F1 Wars’ series. Click below to see some hilarious sci-fi pictures.

Young Fernando Alonso as Anakin Skywalker

Fernando Alonso as Darth Vader

Sebastian Vettel as Luke Skywalker

Michael Schumacher as Master Yoda

Nico Rosberg as Princess Leia

Bernie Ecclestone as Evil Palpatine

Lewis Hamilton as Lando Calrissian and Jenson Button as Han Solo

Felipe Massa as C-3PO

Mark Webber as Chewbacca


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