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Mazepin Says Schumacher Isn’t Having An Easy Time With Him As A Teammate

You know the saying, what a difference a day makes? Well in the case of Nikita Mazepin and Mick Schumacher, none whatsoever. Tensions are still pretty high between them with Mazepin making a few remarks today about their incidents in Zandvoort last weekend. 

At the Dutch GP, Haas teammates Schumacher and Mazepin had run ins in both qualifying and the race which had consequences for the team. Firstly, in qualifying, Schumacher passed Mazepin on their outlaps so Mazepin took matters into his own hands and tried to overtake Schumacher just as he was starting his lap which ruined both of their attempts.

Then in the race, Schumacher was pulling alongside Mazepin to overtake him who aggressively chopped across and pushed Mick into the pit entry bollard which damaged his front wing meaning he had to pit.

At the time both of them were properly angry with each other and it’s definitely still heated between the two of them.


Internally, the team haven’t taken any action against their drivers and will continue operating this weekend as usual. At Zandvoort Mick said that his relationship with Mazepin is beyond repair

“I think Mick was a little bit stressed after Sunday so I let him be,” said Mazepin to F1. “I think he enjoys his downtime, he’s not having an easy time with me so, yeah, we didn’t speak.”

On his defensive move, Mazepin said: “[Mick] said, ‘I don’t see anything wrong [with overtaking in qualifying]’ so I don’t see anything wrong on Sunday, word for word. Let’s keep going.”

The Haas is overwhelmingly the slowest car in the field so the only driver they can really race is their teammate which is why the fight is so fierce between them.

The fight hit another low point in Baku earlier in the season. A similar high speed and aggressive defensive move from Mazepin which also wasn’t investigated by the stewards led to Schumacher shouting: “Does he want to kill us?”

They’ve proved on occasions that they can race though and at the last Sprint weekend at Silverstone they had a very good quality duel. The team will be hoping their battles are more like that in Monza rather than like Zandvoort.

What do you think of the Haas fall out? Will it get better or worse?

5 thoughts on “Mazepin Says Schumacher Isn’t Having An Easy Time With Him As A Teammate

  • So who earned the merit of driving inF1 and who is there due to daddies money. Mick find another team, Mazepin will kill himself or someone else.

    • disqus_JpfTYWRVbM says:

      Who earned the merit of driving in F1? Certainly not Mick. Mazepin is helpless at this point, but Mick never quite hit the spotlight in any feeder series. F3 he won the title with a lot of controversy and less race wins and less poles and less fast laps and after a couple of years, F2 the same deal, even Tsunoda won the same amount of races as Mick and Tsunoda was on his rookie year and didn’t drive the best car on the grid like Mick did. Mick underachieved everywhere else! If you compare to the likes of Norris, Russell, De Vries, or even Albon, Mick achieve less in more time.

      Is he better than Mazepin? Granted. Did he get to F1 on merit? No.
      No driver has ever had a fixed Ferrari contract since karting days and that’s exactly who got him into F1.
      And why is that? His last name.

  • Oliver Floiger says:

    Mick needs a new team or just go and race indie cars away from that idiot because the last thing I want to see is Mick getting hurt by talentless Muppet

  • Michel Saelen says:

    The way nutcase reasonade says enough about who he is.
    I guess must have thought that his daddy could bought him a few pool positions ha ha

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