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Mazepin Unaware Of ‘Gentleman’s Agreement’ After Qualifying Drama

Nikita Mazepin is going to start last for his first ever Grand Prix tomorrow after spinning on both his qualifying laps. Yikes.

On his first flying lap, Mazepin spun at Turn 13 which got in the way of his teammate’s lap. Things went from bad to worse when he did the same thing at Turn 1 on his final lap.

The yellow flags brought out by his spin meant that he didn’t only ruin his chances on his F1 debut, but other drivers were not able to set a fast enough time to get out of Q1. We were left stunned after two shock exits for Esteban Ocon in the Alpine and Sebastian Vettel in his new Aston Martin.

Carlos Sainz was very close to missing out as well, ending Q1 in 15th, but he was lucky enough to scrape through.

The true pace of the Alpine and Aston Martin was definitely not equal to a Q1 exit. Fernando Alonso and Lance Stroll showed that by both getting into Q3, even if they were ninth and 10th.


Not only did Mazepin’s spin mean those on track had to slow down for the first sector, he also broke the unwritten “gentleman’s agreement” and passed cars in the final sector of their out lap, which really compromised everybody else.

They then had to back off and their tyres wouldn’t have been up to temperature properly for the lap. To then spin as well is just rubbing salt in the wound. We can imagine there will definitely be a few comments heading his way at the next driver’s meeting.

“Coming into that last corner, my team has told me that – first of all I was working on trying to sort a brake-by-wire issue cause there is an electrical issue that can be sorted by the steering wheel which it wasn’t. They suggested to try it out,” Mazepin told F1.

“Plus, if you would have noticed, I was kept on for a long time on the weighbridge so I lost a lot of time. My team has told me that there isn’t enough time to cross the start/finish line if I don’t go now. I am obviously the team’s driver, I am doing as I am instructed and the instructions were to push.

“To be very honest, I have never heard of this agreement before. However, I will take notice from now on.”

Mazepin has struggled with keeping his car pointing the right way, and the two spins in Q1 – added to his practice spins – make it four spins across a weekend where he has been often just behind his new teammate, Mick.

It’s a Haas back row lockout for tomorrow and it looks like they won’t be able to make much progress from there either.

Where do you think Haas will end up in the race tomorrow?

9 thoughts on “Mazepin Unaware Of ‘Gentleman’s Agreement’ After Qualifying Drama

  • If he really was instructed to push, then it’s his team’s fault if he broke the agreement. In that case, his team isn’t setting him up for success with regards to overcoming the reputation he carried into the sport

  • This guy is a freaking clown. It’s clear he’s had everything in life handed to him. Every time I heard him on team radio, he was blaming the car for his spins and now reading his post quali comments, this moron has never, and will never, take responsibility for anything in his life. As an American, I can’t believe HAAS went this route. What a joke.

  • Johnny Daniel says:

    There are Young, talented drivers who would give the world for a chance in F1. Mazepin is definitely not one of those drivers, he simply does not belong there at all…

  • This “gentleman’s agreement” is actually one of the good points why qualification system should be changed. One lap qualifying like in FE or in F1 in 03-05 would have avoided MazeSpin to ruin others’ lap times and also we would have been able to see Verstappen’s (all-purple) pole lap live.

  • Chris Pellatt says:

    The guy is a joke. He spun again in the same place in the race. Something tells me he isn’t long for F1 as even with a slow car Gene Haas isn’t going to put up with his bullshit.

  • Aditya Hasputra says:

    I didn’t know there was a gentlemen agreement either
    so, is there a list of this gentleman agreement thing?

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