McLaren And Murray Walker Have Recreated Senna's 1988 Monaco Pole Lap - WTF1

McLaren And Murray Walker Have Recreated Senna’s 1988 Monaco Pole Lap

Ayrton Senna took pole for the 1988 Monaco Grand Prix by an absolutely enormous 1.427 seconds ahead of teammate Alain Prost in a session where Senna said he was “in a different dimension”. But because this was the 1980s (and because Monaco’s TV director is usually a bit pants), what was probably the greatest pole lap of all-time wasn’t actually captured by the cameras. In the race Senna pulled out a massive lead, only to crash at Portier with 11 laps to go, a moment almost as iconic as the pole lap itself.

To pay tribute to the lap, McLaren and Codemasters joined forces to recreate it, complete with 1980’s-style video effects. It looks great, but best of all, they got the icon that is Murray Walker to commentate on it.

There’s also some some behind the scenes of 94-year-old Murray doing what he does best, as well as looking back on that day.

The voice of F1? That sums Murray up perfectly.

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