McLaren Has Come Up With A Hilarious Solution To Help Alonso Prepare For The Indy 500

With the help of a special pair of shoes and some adjustments to his home, Fernando Alonso will be in perfect shape for the Indy 500...

It’s not so long ago that Ron Dennis was at the helm of McLaren. Everything was very professional, highly professional, and… grey. The concept of having a sense of humour was right out.

These days, however, McLaren is very different, and to celebrate the build-up to Fernando Alonso’s second attempt at the Indy 500 the team has put together a short video explaining the lengths that it’s going to in order to help him prepare for the race.

The four corners at The Brickyard are each banked at nine degrees, so what better preparation for Fernando than to be at nine degrees all the time… and to only turn left?

We’re not sure what the best bit is - the development of the shoe, Gil de Ferran canting himself to the left, the way everyone speaks with a perfectly straight face, or Alonso giving up his status as an ambiturner to go through a door. Heck, it’s all brilliant!