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McLaren Has Designed A Car For Gran Turismo And It’s Utterly Bonkers

For a while now the Gran Turismo games have provided a platform for car manufacturers to go wild with futuristic concept cars through its ‘Vision GT’ initiative.

That’s going to continue with the latest installment in the franchise, Gran Turismo Sport. This time around McLaren has got involved and what it’s come up with is just…well, look at it!

It looks like a sort of mash-up between an LMP1 car and a GTE car, but it’s actually McLaren’s vision of the sort of thing the company hopes to be making in 15 years or so.

With a 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 driving the rear wheels and two electric motors driving the front wheels, altogether the car pumps out a massive 1,150bhp – definitely not a Honda unit, then!

The car has some pretty cool details, and although perhaps not as extreme as the Red Bull X-series of cars Adrian Newey penned for previous games, it looks like there’s some pretty interesting aero going on.

That’s not the most unusual thing about the car though – that’d be the bizarre seating position for the driver, which is more akin to how you’d sit on a motorbike than in a car. If it was real it’d probably be hideously unsafe, but hey, you can’t get hurt in the virtual world, so why not go a little crazy?!

The McLaren Ultimate Vision will appear only in Gran Turismo Sport, which releases on 17 October for the PS4.

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