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What Should The McLaren Honda Livery Look Like?

2015 sees the legendary pairing of McLaren and Honda back together, but will they have a new legendary livery?

The classic McLaren Honda featured the iconic red and white (albeit because of their Marlboro sponsorship) but the question on everyone’s lips is what will they do this year? Before we found out, we look at some interesting concepts and ask you what you’d like to see.

Could we see a new take on the red and white like this design from Jerome Ghera?

2015 mclaren

Or maybe something like this from Tim Holmes.

tim holmes

Or perhaps a more modern take on the colour scheme, like this from CdeB Design.


Bruce Thomson is certainly brave predicting a return of McLaren’s orange livery.


While Patrick Viola suggests a new title sponsor could see the new McLaren Honda look totally different.


The big question is, what do you think the McLaren Honda should look like and more importantly, what do you want to see?

McLaren official launch the MP4-30 tomorrow.

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